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I need to make up a cable to go from a motherboard's RS232 DIL header to the back of a CFA-635 with the serial converter board.

When CFA designed that converter board, were they bright enough to make the pinout compatible with the standard motherboard headers, so that I can make up a nice easy 2x5 DIL header pair with IDC connectors and normal ribbon cable, and avoid an ugly re-patch in the middle, to make the pins work out right?


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There are two different ways that motherboard makers lay out their 2x5 serial headers. One way counts down the left side and back up the right, like a DIP package IC. The other way goes right to left and then down like reading a book. We call these "default" and "alternate", and they are listed in the data sheet:

Page 18 lists the default and alternate settings.

There are jumpers on the RS-232 daughter board to support either.

We have an easier method though:

The single end connects to the display. Then one of the motherboard ends should work, no matter what motherboard you have. And you can do it without soldering :)
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In theory: No

A properly implemented RS-232 port should not be damaged by mis-wiring. That is actually a pretty cool feature of RS-232 and probably one of the reasons it has been around for ages.