Serial communication with LC7981 (CFAG graphic display)


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No, I'm not connecting this to a PC... I'm trying to see if I can use this LCD display in simple serial communication mode running off of a Basic microcontroller. I am not very familiar with parallel connections so I don't want to have to learn it if I don't have to. The smaller CFAX displays use a KS0713 controller which does have the ability to do serial interface (according to the data sheet), so I'm wondering if the same could be applied to the S1D13305 or the LC7981 controller which exist on the larger graphical displays.

I realize you don't provide support for hobbyists, but I'm trying to develop a prototype for a datalogging system I'd like to sell. If you could point me to some documentation I could learn from, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks...

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CF Tech

There are links to the controller data sheets from each of the display pages. These should give you information on if the controller has a serial transfer mode.