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Hi all iam new here, I recently bought some seiko lcds 40x4 M4024 screens for $6 and i cant seem to get it to work correctly, the pin layout is sorta diff from what iam used to, I wired up several to my printer port before with no Issues but this one is odd,
A photo of one wired up and how the contrast pot is set up would be awesome, The pdf is not helping me in this case, i looked at several and iam no genius but looking a pic of one already set up is easier to me then a schematic.It seems pin 14 and 15 are for power but iam not getting anywhere with this setup.
Thanks in advance.

Update, It would appear after hunting and searching the forums for about a hour i found this and i Beleive this is my answer, iam trying this now and will see how it works.

Ok thanks to the info in that link i got everything working, the only thing it did not mention was that i needed to jump pin 10 & 13, once i did that everything works great now.
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