Screw holes on 635


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Is there any reason I shouldn't open out the mounting holes on a CFA-635 to accept M3 fasteners? They're just fractionally too small right now. My concern is that, if it's a multi-layer board, I might end up shorting some power planes together or something unfortunate like that.

Can anyone at Crystalfontz advise?


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CF Tech

I would have to look at the PCB layout to verify it would be OK.

We did have a customer decide it was OK to drill out 1000 modules once (not a 635) only to find that there were problems.

Is there a specific reason you cannot use M2.5 hardware?


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Yeah - I haven't got any, and it's hard to get, and I'm on a stringent deadline.

I'd appreciate it if you could take a gander at the PCB layout. Is it a multilayer board?

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