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Screen not working...


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Hello, I was wondering if you may be able to help me please?
I purchased an lcd display a few weeks ago, I think i received it 2 weeks ago I cant remember off hand... I was working on the display trying to write a program for it, using some of the software links on your site, the screen seemed fine... however after actually fitting it into my case, for some reason the screen seems to have gone a little odd... there are charactars missing of the display even when using your wintest program, half the display appears to be a pixel or to above the rest and the middle section seems to be missed out when i try the scrolling marque example... please do you know what could be wrong with this display and if it can be repaired or replaced please???

I would be very greatfull for any assistance, i did email last week however i havent received a reply...

Thank you

Kind Regards
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CF Tech

This type of failure is typical of the zebras becoming mis-aligned.

This usually happens when the display glass is disassembled from the PCB.

I guess it could also happen under extreme physical shock.


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But i didnt take the glass apart and i dont think it went through any stress, i just cut out a whole in my pc case and put it in there... its just jumbled...


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Hello, sorry to disturb you again, i just sent the email a few days ago i think the same day you posted that message... however i havent received any reply from yourselves :(


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Hello... can someone pleaseeeeeeee help me with this, i sent an email to that address ages ago and i never receive any replies from Crystalfontz....................... ive spent money on this lcd and i would really like to get it to work, i have been waiting ages and ive had problems really with it from the first week, ive emailed and posted messages here but get nothing