SCAB with LED Fans


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Well, just got my SCAB Board all setup with my 635,

connected i have 3 fans, two 80mm LED Lighted Fans, and 1 HDD Fan

It is interesting with the LED fans as the lights pulse when you try to decrease the power (speed). Is this how the SCAB controls the fans by pulsing the power?

Interesting as i have used other analog fan controllers and they do not pulse the fan lights...

(BTW, I am using the 635 test program, or CC2, does it in both, but CC2 is harder to speed the fans down in as i have to select the speed, then restart the service to get them to slow down manually)
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ye, this isnt a analogue control, so it has to pulse the fan with power... the analog controlers just send less power to the fan constantly..
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Connecting a LED fan to a PWM fan controller (like the CFA-633 or SCAB) is not a good idea, unless you are really into the disco scene.


I have my 631 SCAB hooked up to a PCI slot fan. 3 fans with LED's. I didn't care about the LED's, but it came with them.

When in actual use, I see no/minimal pulsing. Could be just that particular LED/fan setup. Or in actual use, there is just enough of a gradual speed change as to make the LED pulsing quite minimal.

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On mine it is quite obvious even with just a slight speed reduction (anything less then 100% power gives pulsing ) :)