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SCAB Module w/40mm Fans


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Greetings to all!

I was just wondering. Does anyone have any details on the SCAB modules for the 635 USB LCD's? In particular, I am building a very small server which requires the use of several high-speed 40mm Delta fans (16cm, 9500RPM).

There are 2 fans to cool the motherboard and an additional 2 fans to cool the 15K RPM Drive. The entire rig is stuck in a 6 inch Cube, and houses a Pentium-M 1.1ghz unit with 1gb RAM.

I need something to control the fans, since the unit runs fairly cool when it is idling (the drive spins down). Naturally the fans sound like a dremel when they hit 9500RPM * 4. They draw 0.16 Amps/peice.

Would the SCAB board be able to handle 4 of these little beasts, controlling each individually, from around 20%-100%?

I should hope that the board doesn't pull the power off the USB bus, but I'd think that goes w/out saying.

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CF Tech

Yes, the SCAB should be able to handle the fans with no problems.

The specs of the CFA-635 + SCAB (as far as the fan control goes) are the same as the CFA-633 which is rated at 1A per fan connector.
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