SCAB fan reporting disable returning error


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I've got the CFA-635 module with no SCAB and it's returning me fan updates (0x81 codes) every couple hundred ms which I constantly have to throw away. I've tried sending the 0x10 command and set the reporting to 0 for all (non-existent fans) but the module returns me a 0xD0 error which is not described in the manual but according to the WinTest software is a set fan rept problem.

eC=x10(16 = Set Fan Rpt.),L=1,D="0",CRC=0x6B02
C=xD0(Error: Set Fan Rept.),L=0,D="",CRC=0x507C

Is it possible that in order to disable the reporting I need to have a SCAB attached so that the command is succesful?
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I upgraded to firmware revision 2.4 and although the 0x10 command still throws an error the constant SCAB reporting is no longer preset.
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CF Mark

Good to hear you found the firmware update. It was a bug in the earlier version of the firmware.

As for command x10, what you are seeing is correct.
It replies with an error if no FBSCAB is connected to the module.