Sample code for PIC18F452 to a 632 or 634 display???


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This thing is kicking my butt.

Last year when I bought a few of the Crystal Fonts displays I got them to work with the Basic Stamp.

Now I am learning to use the Microchip processors and am finding any info to set up the programming properly using PicBasic Pro

I have altered a few lines of what I used with the Stamp, but all I get is jibberish on the display.

If it was a parallel display I could use the LCDOUT code with my programmer, but this thing is a serial one wire and I don't know if I should use SEROUT or SEROUT2, etc....

Any sample code, like setting up the LCD if needed, and a few lines to do something like clr the screen and print a message?
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Wait a sec...

I am testing a PIC18452 and using an oddball crystal osc which is 3.57 (guess what that was for)
and maybe since it's NOT 4 MHZ (like my osc define is) could that be throwing all timing out the window???
The setup is working for other tests, but timing isn't critical with what I have got the controller to do.

I have some more controllers on order, some with internal osc

Still would like some sample code if anyone knows any. Thanks.
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LOL yeah. But that page was for programming in ASSEMBLER. I'm more of a "Basic" type of guy.

I used your LCD's on the Basic Stamp from Parallax. The MicroChip using the PiBasic Pro compiler is very similar and I just got some of those this week!

I got garbage on the display no matter what mode I tried. I think it was 9600 inverted that worked before. n9600 or something.

But like I said in my last post, I am not using the correct external Crystal Oscilator so maybe that is messing it all up?

I was hoping someone used Pic Basic Pro. Once I saw how they set it up for a SERIAL LCD I could learn from there...

Now my manual does show how to do it in parallel mode with some Hitachi LCD chip??? Then I can use the LCDOUT instructions in my manual.....

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If the clock frequency of the processor is different from what the serial routines expect, then that could certainly explain it.

Try setting the baud at 9600*4/3.57 = 10756 baud.


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I'll try that and see if it works. LOL!

Tuesday I have some F688's and some other nifty PIC's being shipped so I may try again with those as well.

I guess PIC's were not meant to operate on a color burst crystal??? :D


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Well... seems like you can't put in that odd baud rate using PicBasic Pro. Maybe if it was in Assembler or something. But I am not to that level yet.

I also tried defining the osc at 3.57 instead of 4 at the beginning of the program, and it didn't accept that at all.

Well. when I get the controllers on Tuesday I'll find out if it is the clock or not. Most of my new ones can use internal clocks.


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Well well, my order of PIC's from Microchip came a day earlier.

I hooked up a 16F688 that has an INTERNAL clock and it works.

must have been the oddball oscillator I was using for sure!

The 632 is now making a great "debug" type of interface for me to work on the controller's Analog to Digital conversions and what not.

I still would like to find a good command list that would work with Pic Basic Pro

Some of the commands set up for the Basic Stamp do not work :(