Sample code for CFAG12864B-TMI-V


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We are just starting a design incorporating the CFAG12864B-TMI-V display. I have seen references to sample C-code for this display and would appreciate getting a copy. Our design will use a Rabbit 3400 core module as the micro-controller.

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Hi, anything special I need to do to get blessed with the sample C code? My embedded hardware stuff is just about done, and I would love to get a jump on the coding without having to reinvent work already done.

Thanks in advance.


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Can I get the Source ?

I am working with the Rabbit 2000 which is very similar to the 3000.

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Sample Code For Rabbit 3000 & CFAG12864b-YYH-V

Two questions

1) For every instruction and data that is read / write to the Display are the two columns mutually exlusive.

For example does the Display On/Off command have to be written to both COL 1 and COL 2.

You Block Diagram seems to point to this.

2) Could you please send some sample code for a Rabbit 3000, do you have code that generate alpha /numeric characters.

Thank you for your time,