RSS Weather Feed Help!


It appears that is either having some serious site problems or has shut down. Or has restricted access, since the last time I tried to access the site now requires a User Name/PW.


If this persists, I will need to find a new RSS weather feed, and reprogram my weather screens.

Bigger bummer!:mad:

So, I need some suggestions. Anyone know of a decent weather site that has RSS feeds?

This is one I have found.

This is another, but it may USA only?

I am looking for something that appears that it will around for the long-term, and that has world-wide data.

Again, any additional suggestions, or opinions on the above would be appreciated.

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CF Mark

Nearly any site that you find that does supply world-wide data will be unreliable, not updated frequently, etc, etc.

I think the best way to go about getting weather information is to use an area or country specific site.

As an example, for Australia we have the "Bureau of Meteorology" which has available detailed hourly updated reports in text on an FTP.


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Not looked lately but the BBC used to run one, is this still on the go? Might be worth looking, get something out of our price inflated licences anyway.



RSSweather came back, for now at least. If the xml/rss format was the same for all sites, I would say use what you want.

I would simply not want to try to write RSS screens for every (or at several) weather sites out there with varying formats.

So, anyway, as long as rssweather keeps going, I guess I'll not worry about for now...


Ricky Sitts

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RSS Weather feeds down?

Anyone else having trouble with the RSS Weather feeds? I'm getting errors displayed on my 635, and when I go to it shows the site down for maintenance.