RSS for 631


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Im new to this and was trying to make a RSS feed work with my 631. Example: I tried to modify the slashdot one that I use, but with no luck. I keep getting RERR0 scrolling across. I have a few RSS feeds that I want to use. Just need some help. Can I modify the slashdot rss and use other RSS feeds? :confused:
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The attached screen gives you the 1st 3 headlines from the RSS feed. The problem with this feed that is different from the CC2 examples is the use of CDATA statements. Took a little trial and error to strip them out.

Is this what you wanted? BTW, use Firefox or another browser (not IE) to download the file. IE corrupts zip files for some reason...

Note to CCadmin: The RSS code in the screen file works fine. When I originally debugged in the GUI, the data in the Results window looked correct, but the CDATA text was stripped only from the 1st headline in the actual LCD display.




Works great. Is it possible to just modify this with another RSS? Say to just add this: to replace the hardocp line
It might, but what I'm doing with the screen I uploaded is striping out the CDATA command text that was in the [H] feed. I'm not sure what would happen, if the CDATA command text did not exist. The guildwars feed does not have that particular command text, so...

Just view the Source and search for CDATA. If it exists, use my screen file. If not, use the BBC Tech News.2002 screen file included with the CC2 install. Just substitute (in either case) the URL, and change the title for the 1st line.

BTW, the guildwars feed would not show much, since the text that would be displayed would be: Update - Tuesday November 28, etc. You need a feed that displays a useful headline. ;)