Rohs Cfag320240c-fmi-t


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Lately I received 50 x CFAG320240C-FMI-T. A quantity of 25 non-ROHS and 25 ROHS compliant. The non-ROHS are the same exact thing I got from previous orders and work fine.

The new ROHS model has a different PCB. First thing I noticed is the smaller size Epson controler chip. None of the ROHS displays would come on. I talked on the phone to Brian from CF about this. He made me check some things on the display and the conclusion was a misplaced jumper. J80 was on instead of J68. Today I modified a jumper on one unit. After testing, the display show some things, but the result is different from the older models.

I attached a picture of my tests. Up is a Non-ROHS display, everything fine and under the new ROHS displays. You can see some pixels are missing. The two modules use the same setup. (controler board, cables and software)

Just to make sure I made the jumper modifcation properly I did the same job on two other modules and got the same results.

Are there other jumpers I should check ? Is there something different in the initial setup of the new Epson controler ? Should I do some modification to the controler software ?

Thank you

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