Rivatuner ???


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Nice to see CC2 finally out and big thanks to everyone whose been working hard on it.

A bit of noob question, but I cant get CC2 to monitor my GPU temps core/mem speeds, it just says NA

My sys specs are;
P4 3.2 @ 4016 Ghz
1 Gb OCZ PC4400
BFG 6800 Ultra running @ 450/1200
Rivatuner V2.0 release candidate 15.2
XP Pro SP1

The other screens work fine including fraps.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.
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CF Mark


You have to enable hardware monitoring in RivaTuner.

In RivaTuner, select "Target Adaptor" -> "Hardware Monitoring".
In there, click the record button (red circle).

That should do it.