Rivatuner Big Temps 631


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Ok, so basically we have just the GPU temp in large format for now (631), hopefully. Now, as I don`t have a video card that gives temps, I don`t have Rivatuner installed and all my fans erm er are shall we say wired via another route, then this is untested!

All I need is a guinea pig who already has Rivatuner working and giving the correct data to try this screen and report back on the results. If all is well then I shall construct the same for the PCB and do identical screens for the 634.

Talk about living dangerously, not just working blind but throwing away the stick and sending the guide dog away too! ;)

EDIT: Please, just post back here in this thread and then I`ll know if to proceed with the other screens. Or, alternatively just PM me-whichever suits you. I see two people have downloaded it so far, so hopefully at least one of them will report back.....

OK people, I was hoping this would not happen. Now three people have downloaded and still no feedback. The screens we come up with are free for all and will remain so ad infinitum. So, to request simple feedback is surely not too much to ask! Please, if anyone else downloads then remember we do rely on feedback to keep constructing these free screens for you. All we need to know is yes it gives the correct number in big nums or no it does not work. From this we can then construct three more screens for you all or rework the first one to completion. Sorry for the sermon!

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Hi reider,

I realise that this is a little late but just thought I'd leave some feedback for you. I've just installed the screen and get the following. Where the temp would display, both top and bottom lines on my 631 show [E01]. Rivatuner picks up my temps OK so I'll see what I can find with the sensors. My VGA card is a Radeon X850XT PE if this makes any difference.


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I am download number 27 :D
I have installed RivaTuner and the RivaTuner temps screen for my 631 and it works fine; however when I try your big numbers screen I get [e01] on both lines...