Rivatuner 2.0 Final Release


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With the last version of CC2, I was able to monitor Rivatuner GPU temps. With the X-Mas version of CC2, the device ID #'s are no longer valid. Nothing had changed but CC2.

While troubleshooting, I have now upgraded to RT 2.0 Final.

How can I manually find the ID #'s so I can edit my screen file? I tried the WMI information route..


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First of all i want the thank anyone and congratulate on the new released version. It's good to know there's still support and passion for the great hardware i own.

I Just updated to the latest version (20070720) and latest (unofficial) drivers. I'm running on XP and i skipped the x-mas version btw.

But now i'm dealing with the same problem. CC 2 is not reading te values anymore. But there's more to it. At first startup it actually shows the correct values, but after the first update (after about 10 secs) it gives the [E01]

When looking in the plugin list when selecting "configure" i cannot find the rivatuner plugin/map.

When trying it through another way i came across an error where someone could maybe get a source from where the error is coming from.

The following error comes up:

"a owner plugin for this item could not be found"

this happens when you add a new screen where some of the rivatuner values are already pre-configured. The same event also happens in the window now. So at first startup it give the value as it is supposed to do. After 10 seconds it gives the [E01] When clicking on the [E01] then the error a described above comes up.

Oh the id values i'm using are:
#3219935972(GPU Clock)
Those values are also shown properly when running plugin-test.exe

Are more people having the same problems?
Or better are there people having solutions :)

Tnx in advance


CF Mark

Seems the shared memory structure has changed in the new version.
The new info isn't available yet, but I have asked in their forums.
Hopefully I'll get a reply soon so I can make up a new plugin.