Rfactor Plugin Help


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I have been reading all the info i can on the rfactor plugin and it does look like and excellent display/plugin solution for the game.

However, i have just finished writing my own plugin which calculates lots of car parameters from rfactors std plugin sdk variables. I now need something to display them on.

I cannot seem to find any sdk for the cc2 plugin development or any example code for the c++ interface to the display driver. I was wondering if the source code or examples for this could be made avaliable so i can see what is involved?

THe other option is to actually draw directly on the display via serial (usb) from within the c++ rfactor plugin, but i suspect this might be too slow.

Can anyone help me with this?
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CF Mark


The rfactor CC2 plugins source code has not been released.

What extra info are you calculating?
I could add it to the existing rfactor plugin (and give you credit) if you are interested.

If not, the SDK for making CC2 plugins is included with the standard CC2 install.
You can find it in the "CrystalControl2\extras\service-plugin-sdk" directory.

There is not a SDK for making the separate screen-editor plugin, but if you make a service plugin to display the data you want, ill make the corresponding screen-editor plugin for you.

Let me know if you need to know anything else.