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Wow, what can I say. A lot of work has gone into it and it looks pretty darn good. Just one small point though, if you don`t mind. I fully realise why you temporarily use LCD Smartie, but at the point you mention it you quite rightly mention the use of the scroll up/down and button use etc in Smartie. Whilst this is very true, it doesn`t mention that this already works in CC2 too. I did some user screens, enclosed with the program, which make full use of all the buttons in Winamp. CF actually reprogrammed the scroll and it is now included at default, where it also was in the screens too at an earlier stage. Before that it was back in at default with slight problems, so you can see we at the 'screenwriters guild' are not just being pernickety ;)

Just a little clarification, not nit picking. They both include full use of the buttons. We took a lot of time and effort to get them in :D This was a massive improvement for us the day it happened and we fought tooth and nail to see that it was included. We fought them on the beaches, etc ;) Thanks once again for the work and effort.

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I tried to really stress that CC2 is still in beta and later releases will have more GUI support for these types of functions.

I was trying to go off of ease of use, but thank you for the suggestions. :)

In a little while i may go back and update the review to reflect improvements/changes in CC2 (which i think will be unbelievable when finished)