reuired pins on the scab->lcd cable?


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reuired pins on the scab->lcd cable?

i want to move the lcd out of my case but keep the scab in, so i need to make an extensino cable, id like to be able to use a cat-5 cable for it but it only has 8 wires..

so... what are the nescacery pins i need to connect up? i only need the fan speed adjusting (on 2 fans) and the temp probes.

i cant find the scab datasheet on the site? is the +5,gnd,F1P,F2P,T1,T2 wires enough? (edit: no its not... which pins are used for the temp probes?)

EDIT: ignore me... i used a bit of guessing and figured the 2 pins next to the power pins which arnt marked are for the temps... and its working... pics to follow
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