Refresh Rate on Winamp plugin


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I'm new here, I just finished hooking up a CrystalFontz CFAH2002A-TMC-JP (It's a 20x2 blue LCD) to my parallel port and I got it all up and running with the winamp LCD plugin from


The refresh rate sucks! As the titles scroll across the screen they blink like crazy! Anyone have this problem (I think it's a problem because I put a spectrum analyzer plugin on it and it looked like it could refresh really fast!). Any help or a new plugin that has worked for you would be great.

Thanks so much!
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Diffrent Plugin

Here is a link to a working WinAmp LCD Plugin that should fit your needs. LCDisplayer

It also has suppurt for large and mini spectrum analyzers etc. as well as custom chars when not using a vis. The plugin you were using i've had no experience with, bu it looks nice. Try adjusting the refresh levels etc. before giving up on it.