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I have question about command 5 (Reboot CFA-633, Reset Host, or Power Off Host). I have been applied ATX function on my LCD and set it as default on boot. It works perfectly. But I got some problem about command 5. In my program require to reset LCD itself before initialize all function. I set command show below:

Command = 5
Data_length = 3
Data[0] = 8
Data[1] = 18
Data[2] = 99

This command make host are reset!!!. I need to run program on host and reset CFA-633 by itself for initialize. Is it work? How I set it?

On my host I connected Power on sense direct to ATX. Is there any ATX trigger while I command no.5 out to CFA-633? Is possible to reset by itself while the host program is still online.

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What version of the firmware to you have on the module?

I can't reproduce the problem you're seeing, as when I issue the command to reset the host (12,28,97) it brings the line to the right state, and when I issue the command to reset the module (8,18,99) it doesn't move the line.


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My LCD version is CFA633:h1.5,k1.9. At LCD we have open JP7 for FAN power. For JP8 is close and JP9 is open by default.

PC doesn’t have any ATX support for LCD. So, we have develop Power Supply which including ATX function in power supply and connected to LCD directly for control ATX status and Power control.

When the Host-power Supply is online, GPIO[2] show the voltage is Low (0v) and GPIO[1] show the voltage is High(+5v). After that, I send command reboot (8,18,99). At GPIO[2] change the voltage to High (+5v). It makes Host-power Supply is reset.

Following your last reply, the command reboot (8,18,99) act to move the line. It makes the Host-power Supply have been change the status.

Please suggest me what can i do for this LCD.

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