really need to have catalog of prior instances


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Sometimes I build screen(s) with multiple references to the same data source. For example, I have an overview screen that shows CPU utilization in a bar, and a detail screen that shows it as a number value and in a histogram. Each of those instances require the instance to be found in the plugin hierarchy (performance monitor, processor, cpu usage) which is slow and tedious. It also results in multilple instances of the same root instance being stored in the perfmon.ini where it has to be serviced by the plugin.

It would be *VERY* handy if all of the instances in the perfmon.ini plugin were displayed as children in the perfmon plugin. So for example:

+Network Statistics
-Performance Monitor
...Performance Monitor Information
+Process Information
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CF Mark

The data is cached internally by the plugin, so you dont need to worry about having lots of repeated items sucking up resources.
If you are really worried about it, you could remove the duplicated entries in the INI, and change the ID numbers. That would be a bit of work, and quite unnecessary though.

I agree it would be a good idea to have a history or sorts, so it would be faster to add the same item multiple times.
Ill put it on the TODO list, but i doubt itll be done for some time.