Really Bad Problem With My 634 Backlight

Any Idea ?

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Ok I just got my 634 negitive display in the mail as a gift I hooked it up and it worked fine. I'm using crystal control and the power cable i ordered with the display from crystal font to power the backlight from the computer power supply. Today when I wen to use my display on aten usb to 232a serial adapter the backlight would work and the display was getting hot so i disconnected it right away. When i pluged it back in this after noon the display worked but not the backlight, when i plug the backlight cable in the display gets hot again AND the display goes blank BUT as soon as i disconnect the backlight power cable from my power supply the display goes backon but no back light. Can some one please help me out with this as I like the unit but I'm having a really bad day / problem with it. By the way I followed all of the instuructions excatly that came with the display for hooking it up etc...

Tim:( :( :(
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