Quick Question about the serial 634


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I'm interested in buying the 634 , and also interested in buying something that display's my internal temperature, does the 634 have any features that does that? or does it not come equipped with that abbility, (if it can do it, do i need any type of sensor's or thermostats or anything, or are they biult in?)
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This is JUST a display. you have to have two prgrams to get that to happen one is MBM and the other is crystalfonzts software it pulls the info from your motherboard. i have a Nexus that had sensors and i must say it was the biggest peice of steaming pile of crap ive ever used. the readinds on the temp was ALL wrong. so i sent it back and ordered my 634 and will use the software to do the job.
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CF Mark

The 633 does what your after. It monitors up to 32 temp sensors.
It can also control 4 fans.
Software that will use these features isnt avaliable yet, but will be within a month or so.