Questions on 634XE-USB´s


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Some of the following questions may sound stupid to you, but we are new with LCD´s. We are in the professional broadcast business.

Question 1:
Is there any "dummy" software available which will - set or operator controlled - allow prompting of various 1 / 2 / 3 / 4-line messages in intervalls of 10 - 60 seconds to the display(s).
The messages itself should be preprogrammeable in advance.
We need something like a simple and easy to use playout software (ideally multichannel), where 100 - 1000+ messages are prompted to the display event-by-event.

Question 2:
Will you be able to provide your 634XE USB-Series with 4 keys?
We would like to prompt the messages in various formats / languages.
Key 1 = format/languages 1
Key 2 = format/languages 2

Question 3:
Will the USB on your 634XE USB-Series also power your unit?

Question 4:
Have you made any experience how many 634XE USB units you will be able to hook-up via a hub to one control system?
Any power supply problems?
Any communication problems?

Your earliest reply on all this is highly appreciated.
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It is really simple to write software to talk to these displays. There is an example that reads data from a file and sends it to the display here.

The CFA-634XE does not have keys. It could be done but would require tooling.

The CFA-634XE is powered by the USB.

Each CFA-634XE takes less than 500mA. Typically, if you have a powered USB hub there will not be any trouble.