Questions for LCD 633 cabling


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Hello all,

I would like to implement a project which needs a remote control of a (self written) computer program (to record and play music).

Since I need a keypad for controling the program I probably will use the CFA633 LCD Module.

So here are my questions:
.) Depending on the used cable - how far can the remote control be from the pc?
The maximum specified serial cables distances about 15 metres (50 feet) - this could be not enough for my project.
So maybe better (and cheaper) could be the connection with an RJ-45 cable (see previous thread) - is the info posted there usable for 633 series also?

.) Do I need an extra power supply for this display or can it be powered over long distance (20-30 meters - 60-100 feet) through this cable?

Thank you for any answers,
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If you have any luck coding something to use the keypad on 633 to control playing music, Id be thankfull if you let me know how, (or showed source?) Im tying to do the same type of project, but have limited programing expeirence.

good luck.