Questions about LCDcenter on my 634


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I just bought a 634, and I've installed both LCDriver and I'm using LCDcenter.. I've got a few questions..

I've got most everything working perfectly. I had a few problems getting winamp to work until I put the path and filename into quotes.

Anyways, this is a list of things I wasn't able (as of yet) to figure out. Any help you can provide would be wonderful.

1) In the LCDcenter Editor, all the options under PerfMon and under Headlines are greyed out and I'm not able to change them at all. What are the purpose of these tabs, and how can I access them?

2) It seems that the %CPULOAD, $NICIN2, $NICOUT2 arent working for me. Whenever I pull them up, it says 0.

Thanks in advance for your help.. :)
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Well, I wasnt able to find a solution to problem #1 regarding the greyed out options under PerfMon and Headlines.

I was able to fix my problems with $CPULOAD, $NICIN2, and $NICIN3.

Firstly, I had disabled the performance monitor counters using the Microsoft Extensible Counter List Utility . I went back in and turned on all the counters. The $CPULOAD started working fine.

The $NICIN/$NICOUT settings proved to be a little more difficult. As it turned out, my computer was counting my NIC card as the 4th LAN connection on my PC. LCDcenter only keeps track of the first 3. So I wound up Disabling one of my LAN connections (used by VMware) and The NIC slid up to #3. I then used $NICIN3 and $NICOUT3 for my network traffic.

As far as I can tell, I've got LCDcenter doing everything I need it to. I hope noone runs across the same problems I had, but if so maybe my troubles will be of some use in the future.