Question about speeding up data on 2BM-10004 (CFAF320240F-035T)


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Hi, Im working with this module, interafcing it with an Mbed on 4 wire spi mode at 10Mbps
but it seems that the screen shows the data too slow
Is there a register that i could modify ,to show the image at maximum speed, just like a photo?
it looks like this:
I need something that flows like video with spi mode.
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If you are running 4 wire SPI you are sending the controller one bit of data at a time. Assuming you are using 16 bit color (the most efficient for a 320 x 240 display). At a minimum you are going to send 1,228,800 (320 * 240 * 16) bits of data to just populate the the display. This does not include any instruction data - just display data.

If you are pumping the data at the full 10Mbs then, in theory, you should be able to have a maximum update of 8.14 "frames" (full screen draws) per second. This theoretical maximum rate does not take into account commands - just display data. The other side of the coin is that the Solomon SSD2119 has a maximum serial frequency of 15MHz. Minimum clock cycle time is 77ms. There is no magic switch or register to speed up the display updates.

Have you scoped your data to see how fast you are feeding the module?