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I wanted it to be more complete before any kind of release, but I haven't touched the code in a while, and I figured it was a good time to officially release. Consider this an alpha release. It's fully tested on CFA635, and has untested support for the rest (or most) of the CFA line-up. Configuration is incomplete as I have plans on a (simple) GUI interface. I haven't provided any documentation, but the sample configuration file covers all the features. The expression evaluator is based on lcd4linux, so refer to that documentation for syntax and some plugin info. I haven't implemented all of the lcd4linux plugins -- mostly available are the /proc file system plugins and a couple others. Refer to the source files for a complete overview of the plugins; they're named Plugin*.py, i.e.

There's no installation. You'll want to run it from the source directory. Type: 'python' to start. (Now you can't say I didn't provide any documentation! :D )

Dependencies are gobject, pygtk (although this can be bypassed), ConfigObj, and I think that's it.

Don't hesitate to ask questions. I check this forum fairly often.
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