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Hello all. I've recently dusted off my 634 and got it back up and running. In addition to basic monitoring, it looks like some of you guys have done some pretty advanced things since I first bought my device back in 03.

I was curious if it were possible to pull stat data from a webpage, specifically for BF3 (either bf3stats.com or the native battlelog.battlefield.com).

Battlelog is the site used to actually play multiplayer matches and requires authentication where BF3stats simply publishes public statistics.

I know that way back when, it was possible to poll server data in real time from All Seeing Eye, but that doesn't seem to be an option any longer.
Is it possible to use the Text File / Internet Reader component of CC2 to accomplish this, or is it even doable at all?

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CF Mark

Welcome back :)

Yes, CC2 can pull information from a web page, but youll have issues with sites that do require some kind of authentication/login.

The plugin that will do this is "cc2_textfile2" which is called "Text File / Internet Reader" in the screen editor.
To get this working youll need to learn regex, or find a regex guru to help you.

There is some good information on regex here: http://www.regular-expressions.info/tutorial.html

I would help, but im only a beginner at regex :(