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programming CFAG320240CX-TMI-T


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I just received my display and I'm trying to find startup code or something along the lines of how to get started. I am using an MC9S12DP256 microcontroller to drive the LCD. Even looking at the data sheet for the LCD has me confused because I don't understand how to write to the registers of the epson board on the LCD since there is a 20 pin input/output from the LCD but no pins for an address. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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more help

It says on the site the code is for PC parallel port test programs. I need to connect my LCD via a HC12 microcontroller. Will this code still work?
The code procedure should work (the sequence of values sent to the display), but you will have to change the references for the data bus and the control signals to the I/O ports on your HC12.