ProCooling Review of CFA-631 + SCAB + CC2

CF Tech

Joe from ProCooling is at it again with the CFA-631, SCAB, and CC2, installing them into SilverStone LC17 HTPC Case and letting you know all the details. Joe concentrates on the cooling aspects, as you would expect:
. . . Well just as the CFA-635, and the CFA-633 before that, the CFA-631 stands on its own as a well-built, dynamic, and useful temperature management tool. The added benefit of being a sleek looking LCD with front controls is nice. The added feature I found on the the CFA-631 and CFA-635 is that the front buttons by default do stuff. The left side up and down buttons page through the screens. Besides that, this unit makes the rather plain-looking Silverstone case look more techno geek'ish. With the front door on the case able to hide it for that sleek look when wanted. . . .

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