Problems with CFAH2004A-YYB-JP


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I am using the CFAH2004A-YYB-JP and I am having some weird results when trying to write to it. Acording with the documentation, the adresses for each character are:

0x00 0x01......0x13
0x40 0x41......0x53
0x14 0x15......0x27
0x54 0x55......0x67

It is running on 4-bit mode. When I try to set the cursor to a specific position, It is not going to where it is supposed to be. What is much weirder is that it is not working just for lines 1 and 3. I already tried to slow down my timing loops.

Does anyone have any idea of what is going on?

I forgot to mention. I am using a PIC18F6520.

Thanks all,

Fabio Pereira
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I found the problem

I found the problem. It was a bug in the firmware. I wasn't setting the bit 7. That is what happens when you don't read the datasheet completely.:rolleyes:
thanks anyways,