problems & questions with CFAG12864


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hello there.

i'm a little bit confused. I've got a CFAG12864BTMIV connected to a MSP430 via a I2C Bus (2x PCF8574). My problem is that i can't get anything out of the display. The I2C Bus works properly (read as well as write)
I've searched in the internet upon other displays with KS108/KS107 chips and i mostly find documents in which the pinning of the data&ctrl bus is as followed :
With the CFAG12864BTMIV the pinning is like this (from the pdf document)
DB0-DB7,CS1,CS2,RST,R/W,D/I,E. Altough i use the description from the CFAG12864BTMIV-Document i even can't get the module reset.
Can anybody help ?
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problem solved

Hi again ...

After trying several things i found the mistake. it was a combination of several stupid things like contrast too high, and a little ~ :)eek: ) made all my pins a little bit confused .... :confused:
displays working fine now.

thanks anyway