Problem with Phillips LCD driver chip PCF8576


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I am trying to use a PCF8576 to drive an LCD. I can write a 16 byte packet to the driver succesfully via the I2C bus as there is an acknowledgement bit sent by driver after recieving every byte.

The 16 byte packet consists of:
01110000 Slave Address
11100000 Device slelect define device sub-address
01001000 Mode set define LCD drive mode 1/4, LCD bias config 1/3, enable LCD
11111111 Display byte 1
11111111 Display byte 13

The problem is there are no waveform on the backpland or segment output pins.

Any help or torubleshooting advice would be much appreciated.

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I know this is an old post, but did you get yours to work ???

I have this IC and I did get it to work but have found other problems with it.

I will start another post if you have resolved it




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Hi chrisyard,
i have exactly the same issue as nzkb. Did you get the chip to be working ? i.e any pulses output from the PCF8576?