Problem with installer.


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I am wondering if you can modify the NSIS installer for CC2 to be truly silent. At this point it still asks questions about the plugins when you use the /s command.

Maybe these plugins can be copied to disk with manual config instructions in .txt file etc... after main install has completed - or packaged in their own installer even. I don't think the NSIS installer gives you the option to pass variables to install script from command line like Installshield at execution.
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Just as an update - it turns out the plugins are installed to disk with instructions anyway so there is no problem with that.

What I need is the CC2 development team to fix their NSIS install script for silent installation to not display dialog boxes for optional plugin/software installs of FooBar2000?? and the winamp plugin. A list of the dialogs incorrectly displayed on silent install is attached in a zip file.



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Also I would suggest if you want to give users a reference to information about FooBar2000 that you use the URL of not as the .com has absolutely no information on this player.

Also can someone give me an answer if the 5 dialog boxes encountered during a silent install are going to be removed and the default option be "not to install" and "not to reboot".

Can you give us an ETA for a new package with the install script changed and an ETA for the next CrystalControl2 cut.

Also user jc634 wrote a programming/example guide which has been submitted to crystalfontz admins. Can we have an idea when this will be posted for distribution. This would assist greatly with screen designing and plugin development.

CF Mark

Ok, I'll come up with a prompt-less installer either by command line option, or a different installer (not sure which yet).

May I ask why you want this?

You are obviously correct about the foobar URL, I'll fix that.


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CrystalControl Admin said:
Unfortunately i couldn't add a command line option to make the existing install promptless, so I've had to create a separate installer.

Give this a try:

The only user input required is to close the installer dialog box when installing files is completed.
I was not sure if you would want this or not.

BTW... this installer contains nothing new over the previous release.

Thanks for this - Sorry I havent posted earlier but I have been pretty busy this week.

As to why I want this - I am working on an automated installer project which can re-build PC's and deploy software. Some of the testing is done on a machine with a Cf LCD so we are running CC2.
I just figured since the NSIS installer gives you the option of a silent install script it should actually be silent. I did mention that based on the capabilities of NSIS I doubted that you could add the option for silent install of plugins. From what I understand you have two scripts: normal and silent. Depending on whether you use /s depends on which script runs.

Will get a chance to test out your new installer probably sometime this weekend. Let you know how it goes.

I found the guide a day or so and it looks great - havent had much time to read it though.