problem with CFAG240128 datasheet


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Hi all,

I'm in the midst of setting up code to run this display, and as I was going thru its data sheet and the sample code, I ran into a serious question...

The duty cycle listed on the general specs is 1/128

When setting the time division number (or duty cycle), it states to enter the number 64 (or 1/64)

Last but not least, the sample code sets the duty cycle at 1/160

Now, I'm not 100% sure what number to use, to me the duty cycle should be 1/128 or smaller based upon the general specs (so 1/128, 1/160, etc. should all be acceptable), but a duty cycle of 1/64 could damage the display.

I was wondering what everyone else is setting theirs at - I am either going to set it for 128 or 160 based upon sample code, but I am curious about the 64 the data sheet suggests for when entering the command
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CF Tech

I'll have to take a look on Tuesday.

To the best of my knowledge, the sample code is correct. At any rate the display looks fine under the demo code, that is how the photos on the site are made.


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When I was using that screen, I got it to work perfectly with a display duty of 1/128. I have no idea if 1/160 work. 1/64 will run, but you get whatever was on the top half of the screen mirrored to the bottom half.