Problem with 635 + SCAB, Not Work


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I buy a display 635 one month and a one week ago and it was stolen off the trunk near my city, i need four weeks for fedex talk with us to send me another unit, replacement arrive to me 31/10 and now i can try the LCD display,

i connect it to PC with the floppy cable (conected to the SCAB) and display board to PC USB using USB cable.

I turn on the computer and display initiate correctly

I install a USB Driver
and 635 device and serial port was detected and install Crystalcontrol 2 too
and work fine except the temp sensors ,it dont work, i try crystalcontrol2 with active option in module configuration -> LCD Module - Options temp monitoring and fan control and not work, then i stop crystalcontrol2 and try 635_WinTest and all work except temp monitor (fan control and color led work perfectly)(

Few days later, i found LCD freeze, and i restart the computer, when it restart windows only detect a Unknown Device and no serial port of LCD, no comunication posible with LCD but it show the information saved in the rom (saved with Command 4 of packet debugger of 635_WinTest).

I restart the computer again but now nothing was detected.

I try in other computer but display cant be detected.

Now the LCD display turn on, show saved information in rom but computer cant detect it and no comunication is posible.

Can i try something to do the LCD work? Is posible that LCD display was defective?


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CF Tech

Sounds like something got damaged somewhere. I have opened a ticket for you (the ticket system will send you an e-mail with login), one of the techs should address this issue on Monday.