Problem with 634...


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I had it working before I rebuilt my system. I used the Crystal fontz drivers and a 3rd party software to run it. I rebuilt my system and now Im having problems with it.

The drivers install without a problem, and device manager looks good. When the LCD gets power from the motherboard, the boot screen shows without a problem, but when my software runs, it just gets lines and lines of bogus characters. I have tried three different programs including the crystalfontz programs with the same results. I have slowed down the communication with no effect. Any suggestions for me?

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CF Support

Check to make sure that both of the DIP switches are in the "ON" position on the back of the module.

Then, double check to make sure that you're talking to the display at 19200 baud.

Funky characters are a result of the wrong baud rate most of the time.