Problem with 16x2 lcd


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Hi i have a problem with wiring up a hd47780 based lcd to the paralell port,

Well I cheked many many times my connections and they are all working propely ... i took the circuit on overclokers australia and i made it exactly the same ... but the only thing i could get is one row dark bloks ...
I tried many software and no one did work fine ...

Could my lcd be unworking ?
Please tell me

p.s Ive read most of the post concerning these problem and i havent found one like me ..... :(
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One row of dark blocks is the symptom that you get when you power up the display but you haven't yet initialized it. So that would suggest that either your wiring is such that the display is not being commanded properly, or your software is not sending the proper init sequence.


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im sure my wiring is okay ... but the first time i tried it i used pin 17 instead of 16 ... could this have broke up something ??