Powering 632 w/o DTR/RTS


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I got a CFA-632 that is powered with an extra connector for the backlight and with the serial cable for the circuits. This is how the local vendor sells it.

Problem: When I boot the PC the display stays dark (no LCD boot screnn) until the OS loads. Then it flickers some times and just when the com port is opened successfully it lights up and works properly.

I guess the DTR/RTS lines are low when the pc motherboard is powered on. Correct?

Is there a proper way to make the display start up with the main PSU and simply stay on? Can I simply cut off DTR and RTS and connect PSU power to J2 pin 2?

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CF Tech

If you make a connection between +5v(LED) and +5v(LCD) on the LCD's connector, then the LCD will power up from the same supply as the backlight. That supply should be the hard disk power connector, which should come on instantly.
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