Power for CFAG12864BTMIV


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Hello, I am trying to design a circuit to drive the CFAG12864BTMIV.

I'm confused by the power requirements. I understand that I need 5V between Vdd and Vss. I'm confused by the Vee Negative Voltage output and Vo Operating voltage for LCD.

Also, for the backlight, I assume that I can drive the backlight LED just like any other LED. I can use 5V with a current limiting resistor. Correct?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Have you looked at the data sheet?
There is a diagram showing how to hook up the contrast pot, the -10 volts comes from the Vee pin.

There is also info on the backlight so you can calculate your current limit resistor, the nominal value would be 25 ohms for 5v. You may notice that the backlight data in tiny numbers on page 8 conflicts with the table on page 17. I'd go with the table numbers.
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I thought I had read the data sheet, but my copy was missing a couple of pages.

Sorry to litter the board with stupid questions. Feel free to delete this thread. I'll make sure I research things very carefully before posting again.