Possible DOA CFA921TS6


New member
Hi, Just received my CF921-TS6 today, and merrily plugged in a micro-usb/usb cable and plugged into my PC.
Hmmm :eek:
The backlight on the screen comes on.
thats it.
Screen displays nothing, the CFAL1283 debug screen is blank.

When I plug an etherenet cable into the board, the carrier/connection light does not come on on the switch.

Any ideas.
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New member
Oh and yeah, when I take out the SD card and power on the device, the PC tries to load some USB drivers, but it never finds any.
With the SD card in, it never even tries to load drivers.

CF Mark

Try powering the CFA921 using the +5V Power Connector rather than the USB port.
I believe this will fix your problem.