possible CC2 issue with hibernate


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Does anyone else have a problem with CC2 coming back up from an XP hibernation (SP2+latest patches, CC2-20050724)? My CFA-631 seems to start in a strange state upon powerup from a previous hibernation -- the display is on, but blank and nothing but a complete shutdown/powerdown/restart wll bring it back- The scab board also does not power on the fans. Is this a case of the display being left in a bad state during the hibernation shutdown sequence? Also, I've noticed that even the 631 wintest program cannot write to the LCD (after stopping the CC service of course) though it finds it. This has happened 3 for 3 times. During a normal startup shutdown the setup is fine every time.

ps... outside of this, love the 631 and cant wait for cc2's continued progress!
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CF Mark

Thanks for the bug report.

This problem has been reported before, and i thought i had it fixed :(

The fans not starting back up is a big concern.

Ill do some testing and report back in here soon.


The problem that I have had was from a cold start. I do not hibernate.

I have ALOT of fans hooked up to my 631 SCAB. I "felt" that my PSU might not have enough juice on the 12V rail to power all my 12V devices during a cold boot. I have had this happen about a half a dozen times during the past 6 months or so. Of course, when it did happen, I failed to notice if the fans failed to start at all, or once the 631 failed to initialize. :(

I replaced this POS PSU with a new one recently, which has more power capacity and is simply a better supply.

I have only had it in for a week or so, so it is difficult to say if this was the problem. I have not had a problem since, however.

If I do, I will definitely let you all know here.



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On the initial power-on after a hibernate the 631 starts in the "bad"state" - i.e. screen blank, fans off. This should not be a PSU issue, since capacity for this system is well within limits and the SCSI drives start in a delayed sequence. Is there a way to clear the state on powerup with a firmware change?