Portable MP3 Player


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I've been looking into building a portable MP3 which uses compact flash (since you can now get big cards cheaply). I'll probably be using one of the below circuits modified for my needs:-
1. PIC Based - Schematic
2. AVR Based - Schematic
3. 8051 MP3 Chip - Data

By preference I would use the third option as it would allow a much more compact design, although designing a PCB for and then soldering a BGA100 package might be interesting...

Any way, I'd like to use a small graphical display for this (small = ~50mm x 50mm) - can be either b/w or color, but needs backlight. I'd use the Nokia display used in the AVR player above, except I'd quite like to use a touchpad. I've looked at the
CFAX12864CP1-WGH-TS and it seems a good bet except that I don't particularly like the backlight style or icons but the main problem is that I doubt I'll have enough IO pins to connect the parallel interface. I haven't been able to find and touchscreens small enough on their own. I think that after connecting the CF through the onboard IDE interface, I'll have 2 ports left, one of which will be 4bits or SPI, and the other 6 bits or serial and interupts. I'm planning to use the MXB7843 touchscreen controller wich works through a serial interface (although I haven't looked into the exact workings yet). I don't really want to have to add any external components but could use enable lines to run both touchpad and lcd through a single port...

So my questions are:-
1. Which LCD would you suggest? And if it hasn't got a touchscreen could you recommend one which would work with it?

2. Would the MXB7843 touchscreen controller work? Does anyone have any experience with this chip or recommend any other controllers?

3. More General : Anyone got any advice over the whole BGA100 issue?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


PS. I suspect that I might need some help throughout this project so if anyone wants to help out etc. just send a PM...
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