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Someone please help me find a plugin that will make the 635 work with NVIDIA Coolbits 2, I wish to display the GPU temperature and speed. I have tried using Riva Tuner, but I can't seem to get the GPU temp to work. Maybe it's because I'm running in SLI mode and the software don't know what to do with 2 temp.. GPU speed work fine.

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BTW, the Crystal Fontz 635 kick ass...
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I too own the 635, one 8800GTX (and whenever I feel like I need it, another) and was really hoping to find out how to make or espeically find a plugin that would allow me (us) to do this! PLEASE we are high level gamers and need this functionality.

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I dont have an SLI setup to test on... what software is around that lists both GPUs temps?
I cant get the information from the NV software, so it has to be something else.


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The information is pulled directly from the I2C/SMBus IC on the gfx card. I have tried to write some code to read the chip on my GeForce FX, but there just isn't enough information out there on how to do I2C/SMBus IO on a PC.


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Actually I realized that systool can detect SOME things with the nvidia set, like temp, clock speeds and thats about it... but still its something. Google systool, download it and run it (optionally set it as a startup item), and then add a systool item when making a new screen. It worked for me and as I said i have the 8800 GTX. You can even set the overclocks for it using the systool!
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P.S: So does that mean we need to buy you gfx cards for you to write the software??? If we all chip in it may be worth it lol!


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systool eh? Will try it in my screen and let you guys know how it works.

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Edit: Tried it, and it reports the GPU temp perfectly finally.... Thanks Guys!!
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