please help with cfa crystalfonts cfa 633 usb


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crystalfontz friends got a lcd it was very easy to install and the problem now is that it does everything I expected it to do:
-no servers provide cpu temperature
-does not show the songs or not with winamp equalizer or with foobar 2000

I am using windows 7 ultimate
Phenom (tm) quad core processor
nvidia 9600 gt gforece.

I hope to help me because in my country is worth far this lcd so this discontinued
and I really disillusioned lot.

I have no exact reference

crystalcontrol2 use
lcd smartie not work for me to recognize the lcd pc blocked
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So CrystalControl2 is working OK except for CPU temperature and winamp/foobar?

Open up the CC2 configuration screen, click on the "general options" tab and make sure that "user tray application" is selected (not "NT service").

You will need the program "CoreTemp" to see CPU temperatures.
Get it here:

For Winamp and Foobar 2000, you need to install plugins for these applications.
Did you follow the instructions for installing the plugins during the installation of CrystalControl2?
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friend thanks for your help if it came out the temperature of the cores but the plug in is not installed cc2 happened to say that I seek are installed plug in the extras folder are all inclusive and will appreciate an email saying which also I would like to install but I can not, if I can help you make the most out of this display would greatly appreciate it.
Please excuse my English as I use a translator and not how good
screen editor.PNG

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It is quite difficult to understand what you are saying, but i think do i understand most of it.

To use Foobar2000 do the following:
Copy the "foo_crystalcontrol2_09.dll" file into the "c:\program files\foobar200\components" directory.
Run Foobar2000.
In CrystalControl2, add a new screen, and load one of Foobar200 example screens.

To use Winamp:
Copy the "vis_cc2.dll" file into the "c:\program files\winamp\plugins" directory.
Run Winamp.
In the Winamp plugin options, select the CrystalControl2 plugin as the one to be used. Also select "auto execute visualization plugin on playback".
In CrystalControl2, add a new screen, and load one of Winamp example screens.


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thanks friend are a master

ready friend that's about all I want to do and I can not just missing one thing

-I see on the screen if I receive emails
Can we do this?
What for is this plugin?


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friend again ready annoy my screen worked very well for a day then I realized that when the PC was cleared off all the changes I no longer senses temperature, and buffers used with the truth is not winamp ue happens and I went back whole process and only leaves and na na na


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There are no transitions between screens

cc2 recognizes all the screens but only displays the first .
my stays static display on a single screen, changing panel buttons, this happened after formatting the pc
excuse the translation
* here in Spanish to make me understand better
el cc2 reconoce todas las pantallas pero solo muestra la primera las demas pantallas solo las puedo pasar con los botones del panel del display