Pic16f877 => Cfa633 ????????????


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I actually have a couple of questions. My brother has just purchased the 634 from you guys and he is having no trouble sending data from the PIC16F877A to the data_in port on the LCD. He is however having problems sending the data from the PIC to a MAX232 chip to the LCD. Now, he can get his text to display in hyperterminal, but not on the LCD. I was wondering why this is not working. My other question is this. I have purchased the 633 with the keypad and I can not get anything to display on the screen. It works dandy when I use the windows testing software that you supply, but I can't get it to work with the PIC. I know it runs at only 19200, and I have configured my PIC code for this. I can get my text to display on hyperterminal, but not the LCD, which is the same problem we are having with the 634. Has anyone gotten these to work with the PIC going to the RS-232 ports on the LCDs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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What is between the pin on the PIC and the connector on the LCDs? Only a "wire" or does your PIC circuit have a circuit (ie "MAX2232") to translate the PIC's logic levels (0v to 5v) to RS-232 levels (-7v to +7v)?
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The TTL output of the PIC is going through a MAX232 chip. What am I doing wrong. I thought all I would have to do was connect my T1 line coming out of my MAX232 to the LCD recive pin and hook pin 5 on the LCD to ground. Do I need to add some handshaking code to my PIC code for the 633. How come your software can can write to the LCD but hyperterminal can't. I have the correct settings in the PIC and hyperterminal. 19200, 8-bits, dat parity= none, stop bits=1, flow control=none.