PIC uController and 634


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Okay, I've pretty much learned how to talk to the 633 using the PIC microcontroller. Now I am learning how to integrate the 634 into my project. So far I have been successful sending ASCII characters to the PIC, but have not been successful when I have tried to send commands. I have configured the LCD to accept the 0-5V of TTL coming out of the PIC, so I don't have to use a MAX232 chip. I am using the DataIN pin to send and recieve the data.

I have read the instruction .PDF and know what the commands are but they do not seem to be working when I send them.
This is what i am trying to do right now.

2) Save the screen to the EEPROM:

\009\005 = hex or bin???????

3) Instruct the display to show your screen at boot and leave it up until a character is received by the display:

\009\003 = hex or bin of????????

I have tried to send these commands out of the PIC by converting them to hex but it is not working. Can you give me some tips on converting these commands to hex and how to send them to the LCD.
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Boot Program

Oh yeah, I can not get your boot loader program to save my boot screen to the EEPROM. Why won't it save it??? When I turn it off and then back on again, I can get nothing but the Crystal Fontz intro screen.

Oh yeah,

for the post above, the ASCII character "\" character corresponds to "5c" in hex. 5c in hex corresponds to a special character on your character generator ROM table, not the "\". This is confusing me a little.

so what I am looking for is a simple response showing me exactly what

"\009\005" converts to in hex


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called you guys. getting in touch with you guys over the phone is a lot easier than waiting for a web reply. thnx :)