PHP Based control for LCD 635, 633 USB


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this is an ALCD project I am working on. Its promising but needs some more expertise. Thanks to jdhawk and his php code snipplet I was able to fix and modify it to run with the 635. Currnently I am trying to get a group together to help create an open source project using the crystal fontz displays on Linux. Here is some screen shots of what I have so far...

Boot Screen (untill ALCD starts)

Proof of Concept

Pulling Asterisk uptime and sending it to the LCD

Anyone interested in being part of the project please contact me. Looking for volunteers to help start this as an open source project. If you know linux, scripting, PHP and can conrtibute please contact me.

crees (at)
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Wow, I just randomly found this while looking for some other USB LCD things on google. Are you just reading/writing to the /proc/bus/usb file system for the USB LCD panels? drop me a line on gmail (jdhawk@) if I can help out.